• The traceability

The product traceability

The quality offered by the products of Latteria Mortaretta comes from the traceability of every step of the supply chain. For our customers, this means guaranteed safety when it comes to buying our products.

Interview with Dr Mirko Martignoni, the company’s head of IT.

Latteria Mortaretta has been active in the food industry for more than 30 years. What encouraged you and your firm to invest in this traceability system?
Our firm invests in the traceability of its products because, independently from the current regulations regarding the matter, we believe that our policies on quality and customer service should protect the customer as much as possible during the purchasing of a product. For this reason, we have adopted, a few years ago, a system that allows us to trace every step of the supply chain, both for the products we produce and those of the catering department.
What do you mean with “traceability”?
In every moment, traceability allows us to rapidly reconstruct the entire journey of a product, from the production phase to its distribution on the market. Every raw material used in the production cycle, including the packaging, is monitored from the moment in which it enters the company to its use in the final product. This means we know what kind of milk each of our mozzarellas is produced with, when it was provided and by whom. Moreover, we know which customer bought each batch of produce.
In practice, how did you implement this process?
We manage to get these results thanks to a constant monitoring of all the steps of our supply chain. All our products are labelled, and each label has a barcode that contains the information relative to that product, including lot number and expiration date. Every step our products go through is registered in our managerial software using a scanner; this allows us to rapidly trace back all the required information. Undoubtedly, the effort and energy required to manage and organise this process are substantial, but the results in term of safety, quality and service offered to the customer make it worth it.
To sum up, what benefits do your customers get?
Our customers benefit from the guaranteed security and quality of the products they buy. In fact, if a product or a raw material used in the production does not comply with the necessary levels of safety and quality, the ‘traceability’ system allows us to block or pull that specific batch off the market. In conclusion, we can safely state that our products are not only high in quality, but also safe to consume.