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Our team of agents is in charge of distributing and delivering our products to restaurants and pizzerias.
Each agent, assigned to a specific area, ensures that loads are restocked on a daily basis and delivered to customers. For mozzarella, this approach guarantees that customers always receive fresh product. The company-customer relationship is therefore facilitated by this efficient network of agents, who establish a personal, one-on-one relationship with each customer they serve. This relationship of trust and mutual respect means that agents are always on hand, especially in the case of urgent deliveries or unexpected orders.

Catering service

Our catering service is an innovative option that has been integrated into the company’s distribution system for the pizzerias and restaurants that are part of our customer portfolio. This customer care strategy offers an additional service alongside supplying mozzarella, cheese and cold cuts.
Together with the food products produced directly by Latteria Mortaretta, the company’s main offering, our representatives also provide customers with all the catering sector products they might need. For example, in addition to our indispensable mozzarella, pizzerias can also order other complementary products such as pizza toppings, pickled vegetables, flour, pasta, sauces and take-away containers. There is an entire section of the warehouse dedicated exclusively to stocking and sorting these products into convenient categories to facilitate order management and loading.

Our local agents

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Darix Saguatti

Mob. +39.3485700565

Modena and its province
Reggio Emilia and its province

Davide Guagliumi

Mob. +39.3356363462
Email: davide.guagliumi@latteriamortaretta.com

Brescia and the province of Brescia
Mantova and the province of Mantova

Nerino Brazzi

Mob. +39.3294221061
Email: nerino.brazzi@latteriamortaretta.com

Verona and the province of Verona

Paolo Reggiani

Mob. +39.3356265921
Email: info@latteriamortaretta.it

Massa Carrara and the province of Massa Carrara
Piacenza and the province of Piacenza
Rovigo and the province of Rovigo

Roberto Elmi

Mob. +39.3356286862
Email: roberto.elmi@latteriamortaretta.com

Bologna and the province of Bologna
Ferrara and the province of Ferrara

Simone Ligabue

Mob. +39.3472120586
Email: simone.ligabue@latteriamortaretta.com

Province of Verona
Province of Mantova

Sandro Diacci

Mob. +39.3356370231
Email: commercialedima@latteriamortaretta.com

Cremona and the province of Cremona
Parma and the province of Parma

Giuseppe Massa

Mob. +39.3393891583
Email: commercialedima@latteriamortaretta.com

Cremona and the province of Cremona
Parma and the province of Parma

Samuele Nocenti

Mob. +39.3460229389
Email: samuele.nocenti@latteriamortaretta.com

Reggio Emilia and its province

Davide Colonello

Mob. +39 3478351622
Email: davide.colonello@latteriamortaretta.com

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