A wide variety of dairy products including not only Mortaretta brand options but also other, carefully-selected products in addition to a wide variety of cuts of meat, sausages and cold cuts.

Our store

We established a retail outlet store around the mid-1970s and it is still open today at its original location at no. 68, Via Cattanea. In the beginning, the outlet store only sold Mortaretta products to private customers. Today, thanks to a number of partnership agreements with other prestigious companies, the shop also offers an extensive range of packaged products. Although small, this market stands out from the crowd thanks to the high quality of the goods it sells. Above all, however, it is the fresh products that attract customers looking for a wide variety of cheeses and dairy products made at our own Latteria and elsewhere, not to mention the array of meats and sausages on display in the refrigerated case.

Our staff will help you doing quality shopping, to savor all our delicacies… all with total friendliness and preparation.

Opening hours

From 8.30 to 12.30
From 15.00 to 19.00
Closed Sunday and Monday