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History and experience

The story of LATTERIA MORTARETTA is entwined with the personal experiences of its current owners, brothers Nedo and Alessandro Ballesini. In the early sixties, they set up a small, artisan business making Parmigiano Reggiano. The Ballesini brothers were already the proud bearers of a prestigious name passed down over several generations of master cheesemakers.

However, the insight that led them to embark almost immediately on building the company was their understanding of the potential of a product virtually unknown in northern Italy at the time: MOZZARELLA.

Over the years the company grew and, sensitive to the needs of an increasingly demanding market, expanded its range of products. Not only did the brothers diversify their traditional dairy production, they also established a specific sector for processing fresh pork and sausage products. In 1978, the company opened its doors with a modern new facility and consolidated its corporate assets into the limited liability company LATTERIA MORTARETTA, with its registered and administrative offices in Reggiolo at no. 66, Via Cattanea.

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Every day, the production process takes place in compliance with strict parameters of safety, quality and consumer protection. We meet these standards thanks to our highly modern equipment and specialized personnel constantly working to hone their skills and offer the company the most valuable kind of professional support there is: the human kind.

It is true that our production is based on traditional methods, but it also owes its success to a constant process of innovation and upgrading in the pursuit of product excellence and customer satisfaction.

Fresh and pasteurized ricotta are both produced in a totally renovated area using state-of-the-art machinery and equipment.

Our flagship product, mozzarella, available in various formats for pizzerias, restaurants and wholesalers, is produced in a completely controlled environment. We are proud to have introduced highly accurate tools for ensuring product safety such as a metal detector to identify any possible foreign bodies inside the packaging.

Our range of products

We currently offer a wide range of products bearing the LATTERIA MORTARETTA label, from cow’s milk mozzarella, which remains our leading product (in various sizes, from bite-sized balls for eating at home to strips and cubes for pizzerias) to buffalo milk mozzarella and lactose free Mozzarella; from our exclusive “La Fattoria” fresh ricotta to pasteurized “La Fattoria” ricotta.

Thanks to our facilities for processing pork, we also offer a wide variety of fresh and cured meats in different cuts.